Rules Tariff

Claims Procedures
  1. All claims must be made in writing by shipper to Midwest Express Co. within 15 days after delivery of shipment to the consignee.
  2. Written notice of loss must be reported by shipper within 120 days after acceptance of the shipment.
  3. Documentation of all claims must be made in writing to Midwest Express do. within 120 days after receipt of written notification.
  4. In the case of a shipment which has concealed damage not notice at time of delivery, the shipper or consignee must notify Midwest Express Co. within 15 days after delivery in writing. The consignee must make original cartons and packing available far inspection by Midwest Express Co. or its representative.
  5. All freight charges due Midwest Express Co. must be paid in full prior to resolution on any claim.
  6. Claim must be filed by the payee of the freight charges.
Liability for Charges
  1. "Prepaid" indicates that the transportation charges be billed to the shipper.
  2. "Collect" indicates that the transportation charges will be billed to the consignee.
  3. Should consignee refuse to pay collect charges or refuses shipments the shipper shall assume all responsibility for any and all charges for shipment.
Limit of Liability
  1. The liability of Midwest Express Co. with regard to all shipments shall be .50 per pound, but not less than 50.00 per shipment unless higher value is declared on waybill. Consult accessorial charges for rate.
  2. Carriers liability limited to weight of lost or damaged freight.
  3. Shipments exceeding $50,000 declared value must receive prior approval from Midwest Express Co.
Packing and Marking Requirements
  1. All articles must be so prepared or packed to insure safe transportation with ordinary care on the kart of the carrier.
  2. Midwest Express Co. has the right to refuse any article not in such condition or so prepared for shipment as to render transportation thereof reasonable, safe, and practical.
  3. Each piece of shipment must be legibly and durably marked with the name and address of shipper and consignee.
Payment Terms
  1. Net 30 days from date of invoice.
Waybill and Shipping Documents
  1. The shipper shall prepare and present a non-negotiable Midwest Express Co. waybill with each shipment tendered for transportation.
  2. Midwest Express Co, has the right to re-weigh or dimensionality freight shipments while in its possession. Freight charges will be based on the heaviest weight, actual or dimensional (200 DIM factor).
  3. Shipper shall be responsible for the correctness and statements relating to shipments which he inserts in the waybill. Therefore, will be liable for all damages suffered by Midwest Express Co. because of such statements stated an waybill.